Airtight® Galvanized Pipe with Wide Mouth Plastic Hood and Pest Guard

  • SKU: ATRVHAW4/12
  • 4 inch diameterr
  • Damper helps seal outdoor dryer exhaust vent when not in operation to help prevent back drafts
  • Pre-assembled with rigid 4" diameter vent pipe and collar
  • Removable bird guard keeps birds and other pests from entering homes or nesting outdoor vent
  • Vent cover and bird guard vent hood are durable, weather-resistant and includes a UV inhibitor to prevent sun damage and cracking
  • Description

    The Wide Mouth Dryer Vent includes a dampered vent hood that operates quietly for maximum exhaust airflow and a Bird Guard vent cover that helps keep birds and pests from entering homes or outdoor dryer vents. Both the vent hood and Bird Guard are durable, weather-resistant, and include a UV inhibitor to prevent sun damage and cracking. Pre-assembled vent includes rigid aluminum pipe and plastic collar. Check the bird guard periodically for lint or other debris and remove if present. It utilizes our proprietary Airtight technology to prevent air leakage and improve the efficiency of your appliances.

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  • Details
    Collection Airtight®
    Color White
    Item Height 6.5
    Item Length (Depth) 6
    Item Weight (lbs) 1.1
    Item Width 15
    Material Galvanized
    Product Category Venting
    Venting Type Dryer Venting

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